Area Targeted: Hamstrings

Standing Hamstrings Curl With Tube Bands is one of the best Hamstrings exercises that you can do anywhere! You will be amazed at how hard your Hamstrings Muscles contract as you perform each rep. Many find this exercise better than lying hamstrings curl because they are able to keep their hips from moving during the reps.


Follow the instructions below to perform this exercise:


Anchor: Secure the band(s) to the door with the door anchor at the bottom of the door.

Bands: Attach both ends of the band(s) to one ankle strap.

Body Positioning: Secure the ankle strap around your active ankle and stand 3 to 4 feet away from the door with your back to the door. Position your body with your active leg back and far enough away from the door so that the band(s) are starting to stretch. Keep your back straight, chest up, head straight and stomach tight.


Bend your active leg (up and back) until your calf is parallel with the floor. Return your active leg to starting position. Repeat.



1. Keep your chest up and back straight throughout the movement

2. Keep your knees together, do not move your active knee forward or back as you bend your leg